1939 Monk - Major Andrews "Sea Witch"

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The "Wizard" dingy is included with Sea Witch because "it fits". They're like a pair made for each other!

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Clinker lapstrake construction, red cedar on oak. Built in 1998, to fit the foredeck triangle of Sea Witch, by then-owner, Rob Abernethy of Sydney British Columbia. She came to Port Townsend in 2000 with Sea Witch. Designer Paul Gartside also designed the somewhat larger 130’ gaff-schooner Pacific Grace of Victoria BC. Plans are online. Plan #80 Paul Gartside
Length 7’0”, beam 3’10”,
Depth amidships 1’3”, weight 87 lbs.
Construction is western red cedar planking on bent oak frames.

The towing line is shackled low so the boat rides almost level as she's towed behind Sea Witch.
Notice the two removeable floor boards that make it gentle for barefeet. This also keep the beach sand under the floorboards where it won't cause damage.
Thick bumper lines ring the boat so a bump in the night isn't a paint-scraper.

Sea Witch and Wizard at the Center for Wooden Boats, Lake Union Seattle. Upside-down on the foredeck, the dingy fits perfectly if seas get rough, but we've never had to store it there for very long.

Paul Gartside - Designer

The following material is from the Wooden Boat School, Brooklin Maine website.
Paul Gartside was born in 1953 into a boatyard family in Cornwall, North Wales. He studied boat design at the Southhampton College of Technology and is an associate member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. He moved to Sidney, British Columbia in 1983 where he designs and builds many types of boats.
A quick look at his website www.gartsideboats.com will show even the most novice boater his talent. The rowing ability of this skiff is superior to most small and short shoreboats.
Where are two sets of oar locks for the handmade Sitka spruce oars so you can balance the boat better with a heavy load of groceries.