1939 Monk - Major Andrews "Sea Witch"

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Paintings of "Sea Witch" and "Wizard" by Larry Eifert

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Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival - 2002
In over 30 years, few boats have ever made the poster, and as far as we know, only one has made it onto the poster painted by her owner.

This painting of Sea Witch and Bryony was the cover of the 2008 Gathering Place calendar.

Cover of 48 North magazine for the 2008 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. This issue also featured a story about Sea Witch and the quality of her construction call "Reverance for Wood."

Union Wharf in Port Townsend and Sea Witch

This was the cover of 48 North magazine, February 2008
Schooner Adventuress docks very near Sea Witch's slip. For this painting, she was moved to show under the bowsprit.
Wizard the dingy has been the subject of many paintings. This is the artist's favorite.
"Otters on the Dock" pays homage to the otters that live in Port Townsend's marinas. It was hoped that this painting would make the otters feel so good they wouldn't climb aboard and leave their dinners behind. It didn't work.
"Westward" the big Geary powerboat spent many years in Port Townsend, tied very near to Sea Witch. Sometimes within 150'. This painting now belongs in the collection of Westward's owner.
Sea Witch used to tie ocassionally to these old docks in the Point Hudson Marina, but since they've been remodeled the incentive just isn't the same. That's Nancy's shadow on the foredeck.
Anchored in Watmough Bay, San Juan Islands, this little swallow came around to visit. The brilliant wall of rock and trees at the north side of that cove makes the best reflections.
Sea Witch Off Tyler Street, Port Townsend
Our favorite latte palace is just behind the main sail. That's the old fire station in the background, and the gallery we both show our work in is behind the jib.
Dalhias on the stern of Sea Witch for the Wooden Boat Festival
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