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"Log of the Sea Witch" is an on-going photo album of changes, alterations and adventures of the boat and her owners from 2000 to 2010. It's original form is on their website: larryeifert.com

A little background: - Summer 2000. We had been living aboard a wonderful old 1940 Monk-designed powerboat. - and life was good. But we saw a house (The Lodge) we couldn't pass by, and so we sold the big boat to buy the house. You can't live in Port Townsend without a wooden boat, so we immediately began looking for something small, and on the web Sea Witch just appreared.

The Sea Witch - 1939 Monk sloop
In August 2000, we took the ferry to Victoria BC where Rob and Carrie Ann showed us Sea Witch. She was on a mooring in Sydney harbor, and we took a very slow and uneventful test sail. It was a boat that certainly needed attention! Nancy took one look below, and said: "Do you actually think you can DO THIS?" But Larry saw the good lines, the sound frames, the rotless deck, the boat full of old bronze fittings and we made a deal. We've never regretted it.
Sea Witch was not new to Larry, because she was a fixture in Friday Harbor WA back in the 1980's when  Larry had a 40' Kettenburg sloop there for summer sailing. Cruising author, Jo Bailey owned her then, and Larry actually still owned a book, signed by Jo, with Sea Witch on the cover. Jo sold the boat five years before to Rob & Carrie Ann while Rob went to the Wooden Boat School in Port Townsend. Small world!
We hauled Sea Witch on the marine railways in Sydney to have a look, and while she was pretty cruddy, we saw nothing to send us packing. She was a great boat. We knew the historic connection with Jo Bailey, we knew Rob had refastened the bottom, and we knew these classic 30 footers were getting harder and harder to find - in ANY condition.
Larry checking out the crud on her bottom. Pretty funky, but nothing was THAT bad. This is the original 1939-40 construction that was still doing just fine in 2000, 60 years after her launch. That meant this wood and bronze had been underwater almost full-time since then, and still doing fine.
We returned a month later in September 2000 and began the sail for home. However, her bottom was fouled we had to do an emmergency haul and scrap, just to get the boat to go. Nancy doesn't look all that comfortable, but she's a game crew.
The bottom was so fouled the boat wouldn't go, so we returned and talked Rob into a quick haul and scrape. We plodded out of the harbor towards America and the San Juan Islands.
When we cleared customs in Roche Harbor on San Juan Island, the customs officer looked at the boat and said: "let's just call it your lugage and we'll be even." We couldn't believe it, no duty, no hassles, no worries mate - Sea Witch was back in her country and we were heading for Port Townsend.